Thursday, January 15, 2009

Importance of Breakfast

Take it from me...

I was rushing to leave the house this morning so I had a smaller than normal breakfast. Instead of 3/4 cups of oatmeal, I had 1/2 a cup. Instead of 3 strips of turkey bacon, I had 2. I did not feel right all day.

This is proof that you really need to make time to have a proper breakfast. Especially, if you are going to work out first thing in the morning. :)

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Zachary Cohn said...

Uhh... this is not science. There are so many compounding factors and variables here. It seems like that's a fairly small breafast, and decreasing it by 30% or so really shouldn't have any sort of significant impact on your day.

Maybe you didn't sleep well that night? Maybe you were stressed because you were running late (which is why you had a smaller breakfast)?

Saying "This is proof that..." implies that there was science done, that there is tried and true, sure as hell evidence of something. This is not proof of anything, except faulty science...