Thursday, June 26, 2008

Loser Mom's Workout

Sarah is getting very strong! On Tuesday, she learned how to do hyperextensions which are great for strengthening the lower back. When most people think of the core, they think of the abdominal muscles only. But the muscles of the lower back help to comprise the core as well, and it is very important to make sure that these muscles are strong.

She is doing kettlebell squats instead of squats using the ball. That shows how strong she is getting!

Sarah also learned how to do dips on Tuesday, which strengthen the triceps. It is a great body-weight exercise.

I am looking forward to our workout today!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning for Health

Our Spring Cleaning for Health Workshop on Monday was a great success and we learned a lot! Did you know that this is the best time to start a detox program? There are many different kinds (Seasonal Detox Diet, Raw Food Diet, Smoothie Cleanse, Juice Cleanse and many more). You can choose the one that is right for you so beginning a detox program does not have to be as intimidating as it might sound. You can also choose a time length that is suitable for your lifestyle.

Contact Kimberly at Cultivating Health to learn more!

Loser Mom's Workout

Childcare issues kept the ladies away from the gym on Tuesday, but they were both back in full effect today!

We did a circuit that consisted of three rounds of:
TRX Rows
Slam! (to work the lats)
Shuttle run (to get the heart rate up!)
Ab Mat
Crescents (works the obliques)
Kettlebell Squats (no more ball squats. These are big girl squats!)

They spent one minute at each station.

Of course they started with one minute of plank!

You can tell they are getting stronger. A few weeks ago, free standing squats would bother their backs. Now they are doing kettlebell squats with no problems!

Sarah wore her new heart rate monitor today and burn approx. 250 calories. We will aim for 300 calories next week!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Workout #3 for Loser Mom

Sarah worked out solo again on Thursday (June 5). She is doing a really good job and is really starting to get the hang of the exercises. Her muscle memory is really developing!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Workout #2 for Loser Mom

Well, it seems like one Loser Mom (Sarah) is working hard and forging ahead, while Devra networks and sips martinis with famous people in NY. :)

In today's workout, Sarah learned how to do lunges. She also learned that jumping jacks are a lot harder in your 30s than in your 10s. But they are a great way to get your heart rate up.

She has been walking a lot and is wearing a pedometer.

Workout #3 is on Thursday!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning: An Adventure in Detoxing-Day 4

Monday, June 2 - Day Four

More of the same! Although I didn't sleep well the night before, it wasn't because of the diet. I have 2 cups of green tea in the morning since I am tired, and this seems to help. I still feel pretty good despite having a restless night. I have my usual breakfast, and then chug down a protein drink since I'm going to the gym today. Those herbal supplements are really starting to kick in today! I won't say anymore about that - any more info than that on this topic would be TMI. I feel great when I get back from the gym, and thoroughly enjoy my lunch. Now that I've finished writing this, I'm going to go work in the garden!

Spring Cleaning: An Adventure in Detoxing-Day 3

Sunday, Day 3 - June 1

I slept great, and my morning routine is now starting to become just that. I do the same things I did on Saturday, feeling full & satisfied. Jay heads to his job at the National Harbor, so I tag along to check out the place and shop a little. I didn't pack any food, so I compromise with a veggie salad from Potbelly with only the tiniest bit of nonfat vinaigrette. Tasty, and the view of the Harbor is beautiful. Run to Crofton to pick up the kid from Grandma's, then run to Homestead Gardens for plants and then back home again, and although I'm hungry I am not famished. I make a glass of tomato/carrot/celery juice which tides me over till dinner beautifully. Roddy and I play on the porch and go for a long walk around the neighborhood before dinner. Dinner is delicious and satisfying, and I enjoy some hot herbal tea after the baby goes to bed. I feel no cravings for sweets at all, which is so weird to me!

Spring Cleaning: An Adventure in Detoxing-Day 2

Day Two - Saturday, May 31

I slept great, and wake up to try my new detox. I have 2 glasses of water, one with lemon, and a cup of herbal tea. I take my herbal supplements. I eat a piece of room temperature fruit, and get some quinoa cooking. 30 minutes later, I have a bowl of quinoa with a teaspoon of butter/olive oil mixed together, and a little sea salt. Yummy and nourishing! This is so much better!

Take Roddy to Grandma's, come home and get my veggies ready for lunch and dinner. Take more herbal supplements, and make myself a glass of cucumber/carrot/celery juice to have while I wait. Delicious! Eat lunch, and pack up my veggies and a thermos of iced herbal tea to take over to Bill & Mike's.

Dinnertime - been over at Bill & Mike's all day working on the carousel, hard manual labor and I'm soaked from the rain, covered in mud & axle grease. Everyone's starving, they order Power Pizza, chicken wings, and beer. I have my veggies and herbal tea - surprisingly, I am OK with this. Everyone feels bad for me, but I am fine! I think aliens have zapped my brain. I call it a night around 10:30, have some hot herbal tea and off to bed. Again, who is this person? A baby-free night with no beer?? I feel strangely calm & satisfied, but a little worried for my sanity.

(So far so good!)

Spring Cleaning: An Adventure in Detoxing-Day 1

Day One, Friday May 30 (As written by Jenny)

OK. Here we go. I started the day with no coffee, but had some herbal tea and a cup of green tea with stevia, plus lots of water with lemon. Took the first of my herbal cleansing supplements. Had a major upset stomach, and a headache. But I soldiered on. Had my antioxidant green powder mixed with water for breakfast - ecch. Still hungry, watch my son chow down on scrambled eggs & strawberries! Put some chamomile "sun tea" out on the porch to start brewing.

Roddy's naptime - time to make my "free soup", which is a pureed concoction of green vegetables plus herbs & spices to taste but no salt. You can drink the "free soup" throughout the day. It smells good cooking but isn't as tasty going down. Lunchtime, time to juice. Make a glass of beet/carrot/cucumber/beet greens juice in my new juicer. This is pretty good! Take my enzyme tablets and another dose of herbal cleanser.

Now it's Roddy's lunchtime - he gets mac n' cheese, french fries & avocado. I drink another antioxidant green drink. Oh this stuff is gross. My head is pounding, and I'm feeling overwhelmed and a little emotional. Call husband, who tells me I sound terrible and that he wants to talk about my detox plans when he gets home from work. I drink some more "free soup" and have another glass of iced chamomile tea. Does nothing to make me feel better.

Roddy & I walk to the park to play, but by the time we get home I have a blistering headache. Time to get dinner ready. I make the boys ravioli with turkey meatballs & marinara, and get my veggies ready for dinner. I have my supplements and my pureed veggies, tastes pretty good but I still feel miserable. Jay tells me he thinks I need to do a different detox, and I agree. I decide to do Dr. Haas' Detox Diet (which Kim gave me, thank you Kim!), and after Roddy goes to bed I eat three turkey meatballs & feel instantly better! Aahhh, nourishment!

(The "Kim" she refers to is Kimberly Rush-Lynch of Cultivating Health, who will be the main presenter of our "Spring Cleaning" workshop)

Spring Cleaning: An Adventure in Detoxing

It is time for Spring Cleaning! The "Spring Cleaning: An Adventure in Detoxing" will follow my client, Jenny, as she goes through her detoxing experience. Jenny, a mother of an energetic 18 month-old son, has been working out with me since February and has been making remarkable progress towards her fitness goals. Please come back each day this week to see how Jenny is doing with her detox experience.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Jenny!!