Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning for Health

The Hot Mama Fitness Studio and Cultivating Health are sponsoring a workshop entitled "Spring Cleaning for Health". If you have ever been interested in cleanses or detoxes, this is a perfect workshop for you. For more information and to register, please see the Hot Mama Fitness Studio website.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Loser Mom's First Workout

Today was Devra and Sarah's first real workout. They made it through with flying colors! We did our workout on the deck at City Fitness Gym because it was so beatiful today!!

We started off with plank and superman to strengthen the core. Then we moved on to ball squats, pushups, rows with the TRX and stepups (for cardio). I like to put one to two minutes intervals of cardio into workouts to make sure that clients are burning calories through the duration of the workout by keeping their heart rates elevated. We ended with some core work on the BOSU and stretching.

Check out more about the first workout on their blog: Loser Moms.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hiking-A Wonderful Workout Alternative

If you are looking for ways to add fun and exciting activities to your workout regime, try going hiking. The DC area has wonderful opportunities near by for hiking. This past Saturday, I went to my favorite local hiking place: The Catoctin Mountains, which are located only an hour outside of DC.

Hiking is a great test of your cardiovascular (and muscular) endurance. You need good core strength to balance as you walk on logs and rocks to cross streams. (Or to keep you up right on rocky paths) You can also build muscular strength by climbing rocks.

You can even go hiking right in DC in Rock Creek Park. Or just take a nice walk on your neighborhood trails. You don't have to choose between doing cardiovascular workouts or strength workouts during you walk either. You can do strength building exercises along the way. For example, you can do dips and push-ups on park benches. You can do squats every time you pass a fire hydrant. Bring your resistance band along and you can do rows using light poles. The possibilies are endless!

Don't forget to bring lots of water and to stretch before and after.

So grab a friend, get outside and get fit!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two New Hot Mamas!

I am working with two new Hot Mamas this week, Devra and Sarah. Both are mothers that are looking to get back into shape.

I met with them for the first time on Thursday, May 22 at City Fitness Gym in Cleveland Park to conduct a fitness assessment. This is the first step in any personal training relationship. The fitness assessment starts off with us discussing each of their individual health histories (both are very healthy) and their long- and short-term fitness goals.

Then we moved on the the actual physical assessments which include:
A posture assessment on the treadmill
An over head squat (another posture assessment)
The pushup test
The situp test
Flexibility tests
The step test (for cardiovascular endurance)
and anatomical site measurements.

Everything went very well and they were still smiling when they left.

We are going to meet twice a week from now on. Check back to see how these Hot Mamas are doing and what they are doing to acheive their fitness goals!

You can also follow their progress and cheer them on at their blog: Loser Moms.

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